Why You Shouldn’t Use A Pre-Made Logo Long-Term

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Pre-Made Logo Long-Term

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Pre-Made Logo Long-Term

Although a pre-made logo will never compare to a custom-designed, professional one, there are instances where a pre-made logo may be best for your business in the short-term; however, pre-made logos are never recommended as a long-term solution. When first starting out, there may be expenses that you feel are more important than branding, such as having product or professional advice. However, once you get into your second or third year of business, we strongly recommend that you consider finding someone to work with you on your branding and logo so you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

Wondering why you shouldn’t use a pre-made logo long-term?

Pre-made logos don’t reflect who you are as a business.

When it comes to owning a business, standing out from the competition is extremely important. Each business should have a vision, mission, personality, and branding that should reflect just how unique they are!

At Creative Whitt, we spend time with each of our clients to determine what their vision, mission, and personality is before finalizing a logo or branding. This research period allows us and the business owner to properly define the brand and create unique, custom branding specific to that business.

Pre-made logos can be for anyone.

When it comes to pre-made logos, chances are they’ve been sold over and over again. Maybe to your competition or maybe to someone in a completely different industry. Your logo and branding are supposed to set you apart from your competition, not mimic them!

Each of our logos is designed specifically to reflect our client and their unique personality. You’ll never see another logo quite like the one we design for you. Want to make sure your brand stands out from the competition? Do your business a favor and invest in professional design and branding.

Pre-made logos are often low-quality.

Have you ever seen a pre-made logo? Chances are it didn’t look quite right and probably looked pretty low-quality. This is because pre-made logos are designed for various businesses to use, the font, spacing, colors and overall design are often not meant to be customized very much. This can result in your brand looking cheap and confusing.

Each of our custom-made, professional logos are designed to be high-quality and customized just for you and your business. We make sure that every aspect of your logo perfectly reflects your business!

Interested in working with us, or have a question about our process or services? Drop us a line at hello@cwproject1.com.

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