Why Is Cohesive Design Important?

cohesive design

Why Is Cohesive Design Important?

For many businesses “branding” doesn’t extend beyond their logo. They tend to think that all a potential customer needs to recognize their brand is a logo. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth, in this day and age, every business needs to stand out from the competition which includes more than just a logo, but also a cohesive design approach.

About Cohesive Design

When it comes to running a business, your brand identity should be very important. Consistency across each platform will allow your brand to be easily recognizable no matter what a potential customer is looking at. This should involve selecting fonts, graphics, a tone of voice and even colors to ensure cohesiveness across any platform or marketing material you may be using.

First Impression

These days your “first impression” on a potential customer can occur almost anywhere, your website, social media, ads, etc. A cohesive design approach can help ensure you make a good first impression no matter the platform. The goal is to portray the same message and reflect your brand effectively. This can make your brand appear more professional and urge more people to do business with you.

Brand Recognition

Brand cohesion can also be beneficial in situations where your logo isn’t present, ensuring brand recognition. Keeping the style, colors, tone and visual elements cohesive can help potential customers identify your brand immediately regardless of platform. This can be extremely helpful for social media, formatting each of your posts with the same styles, fonts, coloration, and layout.


Cohesive design can also help increase customer conversions across various platforms. When a customer visits your website due to an ad, post or guest blog, it is important for them to see the cohesion of your design. It gives potential customers a more professional feel and gives them confidence that they are in the right place and that they should invest in your brand.


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Client Highlight: The Adventure Project blends improvisation, laughter yoga, mindfulness exercises, camp games and retreat activities to create immersive experiences that enable people to be in the moment and connect with other life explorers. We have been working on creating a cohesive design for The Adventure Project so no matter if you see the logo, website, or some of the other graphic elements you will know that it’s time for Recess for Grown-Ups!

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