Why Hire a Webmaster?

Why Hire a Webmaster?

Why Hire a Webmaster?

We often see business owners attempting to run every aspect of their business, including their website. Their sites become outdated, less-secure and they typically end up wasting more money trying to do it themselves. Much like a business would hire an accountant or attorney, a webmaster can be a vital part to the success of your business. Wondering how? Follow along!

Save Time & Money

Unfortunately, like most technology, websites occasionally experience downtime. Many business owners will spend hours if not days attempting to correct the issue, losing potential clients every second the site is down. This can result in other areas of business getting neglected along with the loss of business for every second your website is down. With a webmaster, your site can be back up in minutes with just one phone call!


No matter what kind of business you have, your website should always be secure and up-to-date on the latest anti-virus, malware and software updates. Neglecting to update your site can result in compromised information, the infection of customer computers and downtime to your website. Recent research has shown the Google and other search engine’s will also penalize your website for being insecure or infected, whether you know about it or not! When you partner with a webmaster, you don’t have to worry. We frequently check and update all security and software for your website.

Site Functionality

The competition online for customers can be extremely competitive and often times your website can be the deciding factor. Poor navigation, long loading times, broken links and even site downtime can cost your business customers. When working with a webmaster, you can rest easy knowing your website will always function at it’s best. We constantly check to make sure all parts of your website are working as intended, ensuring you don’t lose customers due to poor site performance.

Content Updates

Businesses experience growth and change constantly, and your website should reflect that. Whether you have new products that need to be added to your store, or a new page about a service you are rolling out. A webmaster can help ensure your website content is always up-to-date and looking good.

Have you DIY-ed in the past and realized that your current website isn’t taking your business to the level you want to be at? Shoot us an email and let’s chat about how we can manage the technical details of your brand and website, so you can spend more time focused on the why of your business!

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