Why Branding Should Be Intentional

Why Branding Should Be Intentional

Why Branding Should Be Intentional

Ok, get out a scrap piece of paper and list your top three favorite brands right now. Don’t just do this in your head, putting pen to paper is an important exercise to get the brain juices flowing. Now, next to each brand write down a few adjectives or thoughts about how interacting with these brands make you feel. Why do you love them? Of course, you appreciate good service and a quality end product. But there’s more to these brands you love — the ones that instantly bring a smile to your face. And that’s what keeps you coming back again and again. For us, one of our favorite brands right now is Hello Fresh. And the first adjectives that come to mind are time-saving, delicious, and fresh ingredients. Now, this isn’t an accident that we feel this way; it’s because Hello Fresh has been intentional in their branding.

Intent is essential to branding. How do you want your brand perceived? The initial feeling a customer has about you and your business will be from your brand. Don’t let other people create assumptions about your company – use intent and proven design strategies to drive what people see.

Being intentional about your branding means having a say in every detail. Ensure you know the message, the image you want to project to your customers. Make sure that you are always in the driver’s seat when it comes to business decisions that can affect the perception of your brand.

If you are unsure whether your branding is intentional or not, ask yourself the following questions:

What message is your branding sending?

Who are your customers?

What is important to your customers?

What is the purpose of your brand?

What is your company’s mission statement?

What is the meaning behind your company name?

If you are unclear on any of these answers, your branding may not be intentional. A brand is much more than just their logo, what does the website say about the brand? What does the color selection portray? How do the photos used make your audience feel? Anytime you make a decision about the perception of your business you must ask yourself why that decision is being made, what you are hoping to achieve from it and how will your customers perceive your brand based upon this decision.

Be intentional with your branding. Control the perceptions of your customers. No assumptions, no unclear messages, just intentional branding.

Joy Moja is just one of the many brands we have worked with to create very intentional branding. The founder of Joy Moja, Christina, has a big heart for the people of Tanzania. Her business supports the families and children of the Tanzanian people by selling goods made there and sending the profits back to the local schools in the area. We had the pleasure of creating the Joy Moja visual brand, product labels, and website. We selected vibrant colors and fonts to match the incredible aesthetic of these handcrafted goods and to celebrate the culture in which they are created.

Want to chat about creating an intentional brand? Shoot us an email at hello@cwproject1.com

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