What Does ‘Branding’ Mean?

What Does 'Branding' Mean?

What Does ‘Branding’ Mean?

So you’ve got a business, products and services but how exactly are you supposed to stand out from the competition? Branding! But what exactly is branding and how can Creative Whitt help? Branding is how your potential customers view and perceive your business, products and services. Branding is the voice, the mission and the goal of your business. Branding is the representation of your businesses personality. When partnering with Creative Whitt, we can help you define your brand and communicate who you are to your potential customers.

Important Branding Questions

Branding your business shouldn’t be a rushed decision, there are many factors and things to think about when it comes to effective branding and Creative Whitt is here to help!

  • What is the mission of your business?
  • What makes your business, products or services better than the competition?
  • What do your current customers think of your business?
  • What do you want your customers to think of your business?

Along with these important questions, when partnering with Creative Whitt you will receive a questionnaire to help define your business vision and goals.

Branding Your Business with Creative Whitt

When it comes to branding, Creative Whitt has the knowledge, experience and passion to help your business stand out from the rest. Our branding process includes:

Branding Questionnaire
Our branding questionnaire provides questions essential for in-depth brand exploration and creation.

Brand Strategy Meeting
After the completion of your branding questionnaire we will have an in person or Skype meeting to discuss and clarify the vision and goals of your business.

Brand Mood Board
Your brand mood board will consist of fonts, colors, imagery and other important parts of your branding ideas based upon your questionnaire and brand strategy meeting.

Brand Presentation
During your brand presentation you will get to see our logo concept, colors, fonts and all the fun brand stuff coming together!

Branding Board
Your businesses branding board includes the final logo along with all the elements of your new brand.

Digital Logo Files
We will supply you with logo files in various formats so that you always have your logo in the file type you need for future use.

Love your Logo Guide
Your Love your Logo guide will contain color codes, watermarks, typefaces and basic file usage information to use for print and the web.

Social Media Design
We will create customized, branded and properly sized profile and cover photos for two social media platforms of your choice.

Interested in setting your business apart from the rest? Contact us today to get started with branding your business!

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