What Can Google Analytics Teach You About Your Website?

What Can Google Analytics Teach You About Your Website?

What Can Google Analytics Teach You About Your Website?

Google has become a household name over the last two decades, but what can the multinational, multibillion-dollar, conglomerate tell you about your website and marketing? In 2005 Google launched Google Analytics, a web analytics program that provides information to help you gain a deeper understanding of how people are interacting and reacting to your website. The best part, Google Analytics is super helpful and free! So, what exactly can Google Analytics tell you about your website?

Demographics and Interest Data

When you launched your business, you probably had a target demographic in mind. Google Analytics aggregates data to give you information on the people that are actually visiting your website. Information such as their age, gender, and interests are all collected to give you a well-rounded view of the demographic that your website is attracting.

Flow Visualization

Flow visualization gives you insight into the path that visitors take while on your website. This data is collected by Google and put into a graphic so you can see how users enter your website, engage with your content, and leave your website. Gaining an understanding of where people make connections, loop-back, and drop-off your website can help you evaluate elements of your website that may need to be added or deleted in order to have a successful website.

Funnel Analysis

The ultimate goal of a website is to inform, engage, and convert. Google Analytics’ funnel analysis will give you insight into how your visitors engage with your funnel. The funnel analysis report will allow you see where people enter into your funnel and where they drop off. This information can help you better understand how effective your funnel really is and whether or not you need to consider changing or reorganizing certain steps.

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