Three Ways to Determine If Your Brand Will Resonate with Your Target Audience

Three Ways to Determine If Your Brand Will Resonate with Your Target Audience

Three Ways to Determine If Your Brand Will Resonate with Your Target Audience

The reason branding is such an important focus for any business is because good branding is the not-so-secret to success. Good branding will keep your brand in the forefront of your target audiences mind and truly resonate with those you are trying to reach. Consider these three questions to determine if your branding is providing a strong foundation for your overall brand.

Does your branding reflect your values?

Consider the core values of your brand. Does your branding reflect those values? How are they communicated to your target audience? You can communicate your values by incorporating strong imagery, color, or verbiage that conveys the values that are at the core of your brand. For example, if your company values environmental sustainability, you may use shades of green or brown in your branding or earthy imagery to communicate that to your target audience. Evaluate the elements of your current branding to make sure you are communicating your core values to the best of your ability.

Is your branding consistent?

Consistency is key to creating a brand that resonates with your target audience. It is important to keep every marketing tool you utilize up to date with your current branding. This will not only keep everything looking uniform, but it will also help you build credibility and will set the tone for what your clients and consumers will expect for your brand. Consider NBC and their iconic peacock logo. Their colorful peacock was first used in the mid 50’s and was replaced for a short period in the mid 70’s until it was finally brought back in the early 80’s. NBC’s branding has been consistent over the last half a century with a few minor changes over the years, their logo has become a symbol of quality programming, and their consistency has proved to resonate with several generations.

Does your branding accurately represent your service or product?

Take a moment to look at your competitor’s branding. What does their branding say about their service and product compared to yours? It is important to take into consideration every element of your branding to be sure it compliments the services or products you offer. The success of your branding heavily relies on how well it matches what you are aiming to sell to your target audience.

Is it time for you to brand or rebrand your business? Branding is the way you tell your company’s unique story to the world, and we want to help you tell that story. We can help you do that by crafting a trustworthy brand with an intentional message that will resonate with those you are looking to reach!

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