Three Reasons Your Website Might Not Be Converting

Three Reasons Your Website Might Not Be Converting

Three Reasons Your Website Might Not Be Converting

With the constant increase of online shoppers, most businesses are now online. With a quick google search, potential customers find themselves on a website offering what they are looking for. So why is it that they don’t always convert? There are three main reasons that a potential customer doesn’t become a new one: They don’t get it, they don’t want it, or they don’t need it enough. So what exactly can you do to ensure these customers are more likely to convert?

They Don’t Get It

Over the years big brands have had some interesting “taglines” such as “Be Your Way,” “A Body for Every Body” and “Just Do It, ” and while this may work for companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets, unfortunately, it may not work well for your business. Customers want to understand your business, your products, and your services to know whether or not their investment is worth the cost. Make sure that each of your pages and products explains what the customer is being offered. Ask yourself what does your product/service do? Who is your product/service for?

They Don’t Want It

Just because a potential customer knows about your website doesn’t mean they want to invest. Typically when someone is searching online, they have a problem they are trying to solve, whether it be with a product or a service. When producing the copy for your product, service or page, there are some questions to ask yourself: Does my product/service solve a problem? Who does my solution appeal to? Be sure to include information about the problem you are trying to solve and the reason your solution is THE solution.

They Don’t Need It Enough

Another big reason potential customers don’t convert is due to the fact they don’t see the value in what you have to offer. This can often be due to a lack of information about your product/service that shows its true value. Understanding your target demographic and competitors can help with creating copy that is compelling and helps the customer understand why your product/service is the one they want to invest in.

If you read this article and exclaimed, “Yes! I need a website that converts!”, then shoot us an email so we can chat about making that happen!

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