Swamp Haven: Crafting a Website

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Swamp Haven: Crafting a Website

Following our branding and logo project with Swamp Haven, we moved on to developing and designing a fully responsive, user-friendly website that would allow Swamp Haven to engage with their target demographic on a personal level, just as they would in real life. This portion of the project was especially important to shaping people’s perspective of Swamp Haven. For many people, a website is the first impression they have of a business. We know that Swamp Haven needed to make a stellar first impression on their website visitors whether they were a fellow dog lover, someone looking to adopt or foster, or someone who was looking to donate and support the rescue. Crafting a website and utilizing their new logo and branding allowed us to create a website that was not only professional but also approachable and easy to navigate.

Our first step in our website design process was to plan out the way Swamp Haven’s new website would work and how users would interact with their site. Their website needed to be user-friendly, responsive and give the user clear ways to get involved and help. Based on the information we had collected from the questionnaire Lindsey completed, we started working on the wireframing and information architecture of the website.   

One aspect we really try to focus on when designing websites is to create a site that can grow with a business. With Swamp Haven, we knew that as time goes on and community interest grows, they will be able to take on more animals and grow their overall rescue. With that will come a longer list of Swampies on their website that will be looking for their forever home. We created their website with their future growth in mind so that when the time comes, we can easily expand the website as the rescue grows.

Although our website development project has come to an end, we will continue to be there for Swamp Haven, as we are for all our clients, offering ongoing technical support and providing upgrades, customizations, and troubleshooting to keep their website running smoothly so their Swampies can continue to find their forever homes!

Read about the process for Swamp Haven’s logo and branding design here.

Want to get involved with Swamp Haven? You can support Swamp Haven by sharing their social media content, shopping with them on Amazon Smiles, sending them supplies from their Amazon wish list or adopting or fostering a Swampie! Can’t commit to a Swampie? Give a stuffed Swampie a new home. Visit their website www.swamphaven.org to learn more.

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