Social Media: Reaching More People With Consistency and Planning

Social Media: Reaching More People With Consistency and Planning

We focus on consistency in many aspects of our business. Whether you are a designer and strive for consistency in the quality of your work, or a maker who pays exceptional attention to detail to create consistently amazing products, so why shouldn’t you strive for that same sort of consistency with your online presence?

Consistency is highly important when it comes to visibility on social media. With algorithms getting smarter by the day, it is important to post, interact and even create consistently to make sure your business is consistently in the news feeds of your target audience. Recent research has shown that the less often you post and the less interaction you get, the less likely you are to be visible. So what exactly can you do to remain consistent?

Consistency in Posting

Being consistent in your posting schedule, voice/tone, and imagery are all important. Have you ever started to follow a particular influencer or brand on social media and then you start to realize that they haven’t been posting as frequently, or maybe that beauty influencer that you have been following on Instagram started posting low-quality photos? Over time, their lack of consistency may cause you to lose interest in their brand or maybe even *gasp* unfollow them.

Consistency in your imagery, voice/tone, and posting schedule keeps your audience engaged and with an engaged audience you are more likely to get the interaction you are looking for with your post.

Consistent Interaction

It is important to be consistently interacting with your audience. Raise your hand if you ever posted something on Instagram or Facebook and when you check back to see who liked or commented you realized your favorite brand interacted with your post. After they interacted with your post, did you happen to get a little warm fuzzy feeling inside that reinforced your brand loyalty to them? More than likely, your answer was yes, and you may have even proceeded to browse their social media or purchase an item or service from them simply because they took the time to interact with you.

Oftentimes a business will hop online, quickly make a post and then disappear until the next one. You should consistently interact with your audience throughout the week, answering any questions and/or messages, liking customer comments and photos, etc. This interaction will not only show your audience that you are participating in the conversation but can also increase visibility on the social media platform by consistently having activity on your posts.

What steps can you take to reach more people with consistency and planning?

Make sure you understand what kind of content you have the time and resources to create. Creating great content takes skill and time, skill and time you may not have. Hiring a graphic designer to create evergreen content can be a great first step to creating consistency in your social media presence.

Create a customized schedule that speaks to your audience at times they are online. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms now provide users with a ton of helpful information that can make your social media posts more effective. Analytics on social media can answer all your who, what, when, and where questions, but we’re not going to lie, the analytical side can take time to decipher and can be a bit overwhelming.  If you feel overwhelmed or don’t feel you have time to create, implement, and maintain a consistent social media presence, it may be time to hire a social media manager.

Constantly analyze what works, what doesn’t, create new ideas and implement them into your strategy and plan. Social media is everchanging, and it takes time to stay up to date with all the trends and changes. Look back at your posts from a year ago and compare them to your recent posts. Are you getting the interaction you want? Visit your competitor’s pages, what are they doing and how does it seem to work for them? Consistently take the time to review what works and what doesn’t and tailor your strategy and plan until you find what works for you!

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