Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design has become essential over the last few years. Have you ever visited a website on the web browser on your phone and you had to pinch and scroll and pinch and scroll just to read a paragraph? There’s a good chance that you were annoyed that the website wasn’t mobile friendly, and you may have even closed out your browser before thoroughly reading or exploring that website. With more people viewing websites, opening emails, and sharing information on mobile devices, it has become necessary for the design to accommodate all sorts of devices. Responsive design is vital for current and potential consumers to browse your website with ease.

Here are three reasons to convert to responsive web design today:

Mobile Usage

Mobile browsing has grown drastically in the last decade. As mobile technology advances, so should your web design. More people are consuming their news, discovering new brands, and making purchases with mobile devices. Responsive web design allows users to have a consistent experience whether they are viewing your website from their phone, tablet, or computer. 

The Experience

Responsive web design offers users a better overall experience. Web sites that are responsive allow visitors to easily navigate your site and engage with your content without any hassle. Creating a better user experience can not only improve conversion rates but can also decrease bounce rates on your website.

Return On Investment

With the rise of mobile usage came mobile web design. Before responsive design, many brands opted to create two separate websites that accommodated users on different devices. Although brands were able to reach a larger audience by creating two websites, there was a steep cost to creating and maintaining two separate websites. Responsive web design became the answer to this costly problem of the past, and with the adaptability that responsive design possesses, it’s a few steps ahead of the future of device development.

If you read this article and exclaimed, “Yes! I need a responsive website so that I can make a stellar first impression!”, then shoot us an email so we can chat about making that happen!

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