Reasons Every Business Needs a Website

Reasons Every Business Needs a Website

Reasons Every Business Needs a Website

Have you ever driven past a business and decided to Google the business name to either remember it or find out more information? Once you Google it, you soon realize that there is nothing about the business online. You get frustrated. Maybe you even get a little infuriated because their logo was so darn cute, but you couldn’t quite gather what the business was. You just want to know more about that sign that had a charming mermaid and the words, Sweet Siren, on it. For all you know it could be a candy store, a nautical themed boutique, or a marine supply company, but due to their lacking web presence, you may never know!

In this day and age, you’d think every business would have a website, surprisingly that is far from true. In 2016, nearly half of small businesses in the United States still did not have an online presence. Many small businesses state investment and return-on-investment are the biggest reasons they are scared to open a website, but what about the benefits of having one? We’ll cover the reasons every business needs a website, even if it is just a landing page!


Each year, the online shopping industry has grown, with more and more customers finding businesses, services and products via Google, Bing, Facebook and other websites. Websites can be very inexpensive, highly customizable forms of advertising. Think about how much information fits onto a billboard, business card or even in a commercial, your website allows you to create as many pages as you want. This allows you to successfully advertise every product and/or service your business has to offer. With a website you can also update information, specials, etc. whenever you want.


Having an online presence also allows you to build relationships with customers via your website. Whether you post weekly blogs, special sales or even allow your customers to opt in to a newsletter, it can allow you to stay in touch. Some customers may even find you online before ever visiting in person, allowing you to make a great first impression before they’ve even arrived. Providing contact information such as an email or phone number on your site will also allow customers to get in touch with your business about any questions they may have.


Having a website for your business can also help provide credibility for your brand. It allows you to make a great first impression to potential customers and provide them with the information necessary to invest in your business. A website can also show professionalism and your commitment to your business, showing your potential customers how important your brand and their business is to you.


Another big reason a website is important for any business, big or small is your competition. As time goes on, more and more businesses have started their online presence. This allows them to show up on Search Engines when a customer is looking to spend money. But what happens if you don’t show up on Google and your competitor does? Your potential customer will most likely become their new customer. Don’t lose out on potential business, get started with your website today!

Have you DIY-ed in the past and realized that your current website isn’t taking your business to the level you want to be at? Shoot us an email and let’s chat about how we can manage the technical details of your brand and website, so you can spend more time focused on the why of your business!


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