Improving Your Design: Hand-Drawn Graphics

Improving Your Design: Hand-Drawn Graphics

As more and more businesses join the online world, we tend to see the same designs over and over. Large logos, generic stock images, Arial font and bold colors seem to plague many company websites. So how exactly can you add a bit of character and personality to your website? By utilizing hand-drawn graphics or even fonts!

When it comes to using hand-drawn design elements, the sky is the limit. Whether you’d like to have hand drawn headers, buttons or even graphics, hand-drawn design can add a bit of flare to your site and help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Wondering how exactly hand-drawn graphics can improve your design?

Stand Out From Competitors

When it comes to the internet, it is fairly common to see a lot of websites that look pretty much identical. Maybe they’ve changed the theme colors or inserted their “custom logo,” but typically not much is different. Utilizing design elements which are hand drawn on your website will allow you to stand out from the rest of the generic websites full of stock images you’ve probably seen ten other times.

Using Content Others Don’t Have Access To

More on the topic of using “stock images”, hand-drawn graphics allow you to use content that other websites and businesses won’t have access to. More often than not, web design companies utilize stock sites, and if you are a dentist, you will most likely end up with the same picture as 500 other dentists, portraying a pretty girl with a whitened smile. With hand-drawn graphics, you can decide the content matter and design!

Creating an Authentic Feel

This day and age, most of us have been using the internet for some time. We’ve browsed thousands of websites, most of which have a very sterile vibe to them. Utilizing hand-drawn graphics provides your potential customers with a more authentic and comforting feeling. The imperfections of these design elements can remind your audience that you are human, just like them.


Client Highlight: The Ice Plant Bar has a unique vintage industrial/1920’s speakeasy brand. To compliment their existing brand we created hand-drawn illustrations of their decorations and bar to look like early 1900’s advertisements. These illustrations have been incorporated into their menu and website!

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