Graphic Design Trends: 2018 Edition

Graphic Design Trends: 2018 Edition

With each passing year, what is popular and trendy seems to change. And, graphic design is no different! In 2017 we saw flat design, cinemagraphs, and animations taking the design industry by storm and we’ll still most likely be seeing some of that in 2018. But what exactly will be the newest trends for 2018?

Hand Drawn Imagery

For years, stock imagery has been extremely popular in design. Though last year we saw companies trying to use more “authentic looking” stock images in bigger and bolder ways (Hero Theme anyone?). In 2018 we’re going to see a rise in hand-drawn imagery. Whether it is hand drawn text or little sketches, these more personalized images are here to provide customers with a more authentic feel to the design.

Asymmetric Designs

Symmetry is often a major theme in design, from books and brochures to websites and banners. In 2018 however, “standing out” from the rest is going to be a major recurring theme. As symmetry has been used in the design field for ages, asymmetric design will create a more striking appearance.

Bright Colors

In a world full of constant content, how exactly are you supposed to catch the eye of your potential customers? By using bright, bold and dramatic colors. Now, this isn’t to say people will be plastering images of neon green backgrounds with bright, bold red lettering all over the place, but selectively using bright colors to catch attention is a must.

Abstract Image Effects

For many years, boring stock images have plagued the design world, however in 2018 things are going to change. We’ve seen the popularity of abstract image effects taking over, such as the “Glitch,” “Ruined” and Color Channel effects. These effects take basic images and give them a more eye-catching appearance.

In 2018, standing out will be the main priority in graphic design. From out-of-the-box layouts and bright, bold colors to hand-drawn graphics and abstract effects, making sure your design is memorable will be a must!


Client Highlight: Joy Moja is an amazing business that supports the families and children of the Tanzanian people by selling goods made there and sending the profits back to the local schools in the area. We had the pleasure of creating the Joy Moja visual brand, product labels, and website. We selected vibrant colors and fonts to match the incredible aesthetic of these handcrafted goods and to celebrate the culture in which they are created.

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