Essential Elements of a Successful Homepage

Essential Elements of a Successful Homepage

Essential Elements of a Successful Homepage

Your homepage will be the first introduction to your brand for most of your customers. It needs to attract traffic, educate potential customers and lead to conversions. Here are some of the essential elements to include in your homepage.


A great headline is clear and concise; it informs potential customers what your business has to offer. You want your headline to inform customers what your business is about within 3-5 seconds. Think of this as the “title” of your book, and you want potential clients to open that book and read more!

Call to Action

The homepage is the starting point for most potential customers to engage with your brand, but how do you get them to dig deeper into what your site has to offer? Calls to action are a great way to point out important parts of your site for customers to navigate through. Whether it be promotions, products or services it is always best to highlight your most important business features.

Intuitive Menu

Having a navigation menu that is confusing can lead to a high bounce rate. You want your website to be fully responsive and user-friendly so potential customers can easily navigate through your products and services to make a purchase or contact you for more information.

Social Media Links

Having a presence on social media sites is very important and so is directing potential customers to your social media pages. This allows them to easily Like/Follow your business, see new products and services and of course receive updates directly from your business. If your business has reviews on these sites, it will also provide potential customers testimonials from your existing clients.

Contact Information

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing how to contact a business about their products and services. Ensuring that your contact information is available and visible is very important.

Service/Product Overview

Providing a brief overview of what your business offers is not only great for customers but beneficial for search engine optimization as well. Your overview is another opportunity to include navigation and calls to action on your homepage. By highlighting your top products and services, you can inform potential customers of what you have to offer while letting the search engine know which terms are relevant to your site.

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