Elements of a User-Friendly Website

Elements of a User-Friendly Website

Elements of a User-Friendly Website

We often come across business websites that completely neglect usability. Riddled with slow loading pages, broken links and often not even working on mobile devices. So why is usability so important? Potential customers expect a website that provides them with the information they need, quickly and in an easy way. When your website lacks usability, most customers will move along to the next site they find. So what exactly can you do to ensure your website is user-friendly?

Responsive Design

A responsive design means that your website will work flawlessly across any browser and device. Whether your potential customers are using a laptop, a mobile device or even their tablet. This can be highly important when it comes to targeting new customers, making sure each and every one of them has the same, amazing experience each time they visit your site.


You’ve spent time and money trying to build your brand and your website should reflect that. Making sure your site is properly branded can build credibility and trust with your customers. If you look at the top brands and businesses across the world, one thing they all excel at is branding, branding, branding!

Effective Navigation

What’s the point of having a bunch of useful information on your website if no one can find it? There isn’t. A user-friendly website should have navigation that is easy to use, highlighting the most important content. Whether your site uses side-bars, secondary navigation or just main navigation, your potential customers should be able to find what they need and quickly!

Browser Consistency

Many business owners fail to realize that all browsers aren’t created equal. Though many of the latest browsers attempt to offer consistency, it is always important to make sure each and every browser is loading consistently and perfectly.

Fast Loading

Recent research has shown that website users are much more likely to bounce when they experience increased loading times. Your website should quickly load the information your potential customers are trying to view to ensure they don’t move along to the competition.

If you read this article and exclaimed, “Yes! I need a user-friendly website so that I can make a stellar first impression!”, then shoot us an email so we can chat about making that happen!

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