Defining Your Brand 

Defining Your Brand 

Defining Your Brand 

Defining your brand is an essential part of building a strong brand image. Prior to creating a website, designing business cards, or ordering any other brand collateral, it is important to be able to define your brand. Answer these following questions and you will be on your way to laying a foundation for a well-defined brand.

1. What are your core values?

What values are at the heart of your brand? Core values define the essence of a brand. If you have a non-profit that focuses on humanitarian efforts, then you may say compassion is a core value of your brand, or if you own a boutique salon then precision may be one of your core values. Identifying clear core values will give you a strong starting point in defining your brand.

2. What is your brand personality?

Think of your brand as a “who” rather than a “what.” So, who is your brand? Your brand may be an expert, a philanthropist, or a connector amongst many other things. The personality that you create for your brand will be the driving force that connects those within your business along with the customers and clients who interact with your business. Your brand personality should have attributes that are captivating to the clients and customers you wish to attract.

3. What is your mission statement?

Once you have your core values and begin to build your brand personality, you can move on to creating your mission statement. Your mission statement should be straightforward in explaining the purpose of your company. Facebook’s mission statement is simple yet clearly explains why the company exists, “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” The mission statement should incorporate the core values of your brand along with attributes that you wish to associate with your brand.

Now that you have a vision you need a team to come alongside you to hammer out the technical details of your brand and website. Contact us today so we can start crafting a unique, comprehensive brand for you so you can spend more time focused on the why of your business!

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