Businesses Who Launched a Successful Rebrand

Businesses Who Launched a Successful Rebrand

Businesses Who Launched a Successful Rebrand

No matter how much you love your business and brand, there may come a time where rebranding is a necessary step on your journey. We’ve seen numerous businesses over the years completely fail at rebranding and even more of them successfully rebrand. Are you thinking about rebranding your business? Here are some examples of businesses that launched a successful rebrand:


Anyone alive in the 90s probably remembers how popular it was to eat at McDonald’s. McDonald’s was seen as a friendly, staple food until the early 2000s when it became known for providing cheap, unhealthy food and was blamed for playing a part in the obesity epidemic in America. However, instead of going out-of-business due to this new found reputation, McDonald’s decided it was time to evolve (and it still continues to today!). McDonald’s has completely rebranded nearly every aspect of the company, from their mission, locations, and menus, McDonald’s now provide healthier options in a more appealing environment. Overall the brand managed to overcome its negative reputation and position themselves in a new, healthier light!

Old Spice

Up until 2010, Old Spice was known as a brand for the older generations. However, Old Spice decided to rebrand and target each and every generation. This started with new advertisements which displayed a more funny, random and youthful side of the business. By utilizing trends such as online videos and confusing humor, Old Spice was able to tap into a new market and introduce a new demographic to their products.


If you are a fan of social media, chances are you remember when Instagram changed their logo back in 2016. There were many users that loved the rebrand, and many that were confused by it. However, with over 400,000,000 active users that upload over 80 million posts each day, we think they are doing just fine. The purpose of the rebrand was to showcase the diverse and vibrant community of users from every walk of life.


You probably wouldn’t guess it, but back in the 1990s, Apple was actually suffering from low consumer interest and sales. Apple had no mission, no vision and did not stand out in the tech industry. In 1997, Steve Jobs completely changed this, with the rebranding of Apple as a more modern, innovative and minimalistic brand. To this day, Apple is still one of the most valuable global brands in the world.

Thinking of rebranding your business? Want to make sure you launch a successful rebrand? Drop us a line today!

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