Brand Consistency In Social Media: Why It Is Important

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Brand Consistency In Social Media: Why It Is Important

In the last few years, social media has taken the world by storm, in fact over 81% of Americans have a social media profile along with 88% of businesses. So what exactly can your business do to stand out in a world filled with posts, pictures and more? Be consistent!

If you look around social media at some of the most successful businesses, you’ll notice one thing: consistent branding and imagery. Whether it be Disney, Coca-Cola or one of the Kardashians, they have a highly specific brand (along with consistent posts, images, and videos) that appeal to a specific audience. Wondering why consistency is so important? Here are three great reasons why consistency with your imagery on social media is so important:

– Consistency can help strengthen brand name recall. Keeping things such as business name, logos, watermarks, fonts, colors and even cover images consistent can avoid confusion among your audience. No matter which platform your fans find you on, they will know they are following the correct page.

– Consistency can help ensure your business doesn’t have multiple personalities. If your business is typically very professional, it may seem odd to be posting funny pictures or “memes.” Likewise, if your audience is used to a bit of humor, they may be confused by more “serious” imagery and posts.

– Consistency is important in establishing the kind of brand you currently are along with what kind of brand you ultimately wish to be.

The majority of consumers become a fan of a brand due to their product and/or service quality along with how that brand markets themselves. Even the largest of companies can receive backlash due to inconsistency. For example, remember in 2009 when Tropicana dropped their traditional orange-with-a-straw-stuck-in-it branding, for a glassed filled with orange juice? (Yea, we thought that was a silly move too. Don’t try to fix what’s not broken, right?) This resulted in a steady drop in sales, and after only a month and a half, they reverted to their original branding. So what exactly can your business do to ensure your graphics/images on social media stay professional, true to your brand yet still catch the attention of your audience?

Avoid using low quality or generic/stock imagery.

Be sure to watermark any graphics used.

Be sure to use the same colors in images.

Be sure to use the same fonts in images.

Your “profile pictures”/logo should be consistent across social media platforms.

Your “cover photos” should match your brand.

Images used in posts should reflect the tone and message of your brand.

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